20+Valentine’s day wishes for Husband/Wife

Valentine's day wishes for husbands

In this article we gave you some Awesome, Beautiful and romantic Valentine’s day wishes for your Husband/Wife. HERE are some beautiful wishes bellow with some romantic images,,,,,

Valentine's day wishes for husband/wife

Valentine’s day wishes for Husband/Wife with romantic images:

Wishes for Husbands:

Valentine's day wishes for husbands

  1. You are the king of my life from the first day we met till today. And i am happy that you never stopped being king of your queen. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. When we first met i was afraid that you are same like other mens. I am glad i made that decision even i was ensure about it. Happy Valentine’s day my lovely hubby….,,,
  3. You are all i need, all i want, all i sing. You are the only man for me. Happy Valentine’s day, Love you so much.
  4. Love is like air Because it spread everywhere, And love is here for me and you. Happy Valentine’s day to my life my husband.
  5. Everyone want to feel love on that day, But for me it is no different than other days. Because you love me everyday like special day. Happy Valentine’s day to my Hubby.
  6. You are a wonderful husband, you make me feel special and loved everyday. Happy Valentine’s day.
  7. Valentine’s day greetings to a wonderful man who brings all the happiness in my life. And makes me happy ever i feel sad.Happy Valentine’s day.
  8. We celebrated Valentine’s day many time but ever passing year each year was much wonderful than the last one. So thank you to feel me like i am the most special woman in the world.
  9. Every passing day you make me feel more special than before, I don’t need Valentine’s day to make a special day for me. All days are special days for me.
  10. May we will live our journey all day like this day, Because you makes my day lovely and desired. Happy Valentine’s day.

 Wishes for wife:

Valentine's day wishes for wife

  1. Thank you my dear for giving me love and care. Thank you for making me so special in your life. Happy valentine’s day my love.
  2. The day when we met was the happiest day of my life. Hope our love will never fade. Happy Valentine’s day.
  3. You are my perfect wife no one can ever will come beyond you. I could not ask for more. Happy Valentine’s day.
  4. Every day i spend with you are the most cherish days of my life. Always remember my love is true. Happy Valentine’s day.
  5. Its a request my sweet wife do not put sugar in my morning tea a kiss from you can make it sweetest. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart.
  6. Everyday i look at you, I love you more than the last day. You are the bright star in my life. Happy Valentine’s day.
  7. The word ” love ” will never enough to express you how much i love you. No wish can ever express my love. Just remember I love you truly by heart. Happy Valentine’s day.
  8. Everyone is looking for someone to live with. But my search is ended because i could not live without you. You are my only love. Happy Valentine’s day.
  9. Before you i won’t have any direction in my life But now you are like light in my successful way of life. I am thankful to you for making me complete. Happy Valentine’s day.
  10. I am not a perfect husband i know but i can promise you i will be a faithful and loving husband forever. Happy Valentine’s day. You are my only Love.

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