Top easy and funniest April fool pranks on teachers

Top easy and funniest april fool pranks on teachers

Here are some April fool top easy and funniest April fool pranks on teachers for you.  These are the best April fool pranks for school Check the video its the best ever prank. As you know All fool’s day ( April Fool’s day) is springing up. And I know you want to ready for some fun. The boring place in our whole life is classroom so get ready to make it a fun place. We give you some best classroom pranks on teachers. Many of us want a simple prank for fun. So let check out this video it is a simple and amazing April fool prank to pull on teachers…..

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April fool pranks for school:

Let Them Eat Cake:

Cake prank on a teacher april fool

You will need a teacher or principal to help you to pull off this prank Because pranking a teacher can make you trouble.

  • The night before April fool’s day take an empty cereal box and glue the lid back down so you have a perfect rectangle make sure of that.
  • Place the box on a flat piece of cardboard covered with foil.
  • Use one and a half of two canisters of icing in any flavor you like. And put a thick coating on the box. Make sure you cover the box properly, You can add extra icing to reduce the shape of the box.
  • Do your job place a “cake” in the teacher’s lounge and informs you about the reaction, such as trying to cut in the teacher’s cake.

School for Sale:

 Buy a large yard sign “For Sale by Owner” and put it in front of school put a ridiculous price like as minimum you can like” $3″ and also write “Just kiding” in small wording at thhe corner of the sign board. If you don’t want to sell you school in $3 hahahha. And it will also save you with any trouble.

April fool pranks for school

pranks for students to play on teachers:

Classroom Shuffle:

Just wait for a teacher to step out of room to talk the other student or take care of other business. Every student should turn there desk and chairs to face the back of the classroom instead of the front of the classroom. When the teacher walks back in, everyone should continue as nothing has happened. Just wait for the teacher to ask what is going on…….Then say “April Fool”…..

Blow teacher’s mind:

April fool pranks on teachers: Anytime your teacher asks a matter, raise your hand and answer with the word “salmon”. Have your friends take part and even have individuals in several category periods do constantly.


April Fool pranks with teachers ideas: Bring some candles, associate degree game board, and matches into the category on the day of a check. Before the check starts, set the candles in a very circle and light-weight them. Sit in the middle of the circle with the game board and claim. That “they” aforesaid you need to channel the spirit of Einstein for the check.

Sticky Classboard:

If your school is still using chalkboards, place a piece of chalk between the sections of an eraser. When the teacher starts to erase the board, the chalk will make it dirty again. Does your school use a whiteboard instead? No worries. Remove the tips from a package of dry erase markers, And make them empty.Simply Replace the markers with your empty markers and enjoy the fun.

Careful with April Fool…

Pranks are a fun way to make memories during your school years, but always be careful not to pull pranks that will get you in trouble with your school or the law. Don’t do anything illegal or destructive in nature, or that might physically be dangerous for someone. Don’t pull a prank just for an April fool’s day laugh that might get you into trouble. Some of the teachers don’t appreciate being pranked and will be quick about giving a detention to a prankster so be careful with them. It is always a good idea to know if the teacher you want to prank has a good sense of humor before pulling the trick if you don’t want to be in trouble.

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