Top Best wishes for new born baby

Wishes for new born baby

Here are some Top Best wishes for new born baby. It can be a boy or a girl here we are helping you to wish both wishes for new born baby boy and wishes for new born baby girl. A new born baby is a pretty great blessing for every family member every one loves him/her. And want to wish him/her well with the best wish. If you are looking for this kind of wishes than you are at right. Just Scroll down for the best collection of (wishes for new born baby)!

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Wishes for new born baby (Boy):

  1. Such a pretty little boy, Now it is a brand new miracle to call your own. Congratulations.
  2. Wishing you aver best of luck for this little blessing of God, Now this baby boy is a new way of life for you… Take care of this great blessing,,, Congratulations.
  3. May God bless him with good health and happiness for the lifetime and every kind of joy he wishes in his life,,, Congratulation for this great gift from God,,,
  4. Welcome to this great world little one, It is a place full of joy and delights,,,
  5. Welcome little angel, You have a pair of pretty eyes like your Father and beautiful smile like your Mother keep blessed with happiness and delightful joy,,,
  6. Wishing you a great future full of happiness, Joy, and Laughter with your new baby,,, Congratulations.
  7. I just want to congratulate the proud parents of this newborn blessing baby prince and wishing the best future for him.
  8. May the God shower his blessing on your baby boy, wishing him a Great bright future,,, Congratulations.
  9. Now your Precious son is born to make your life bright and joyful with his naughty moments and make a lot of sweet memories with you, Congratulations for that.
  10. Now You just get ready for Mud, sports, sling shoots trucks and never-ending appetites, Congratulations for that,,,

Wishes for New Born Baby (Girl):

  1. My your Daughter will be an adorable addition to your wonderful family, May her every smile make your life brighter. Congratulations! for the birth of your little angel girl.
  2. Now you get ready to play dress up and host make-believe tea parties,,, Congratulations for your pretty little girl.
  3. Congratulations for this princess of your heart and a little pretty girl you ever see…
  4. Oh, This is a beautiful day because a beautiful girl is introduced now to the luckiest parents,,, Congratulations.
  5. We are happy because we heard there’s a new baby girl in this house,,, Congratulations,,,
  6. Wishing you a best of luck with your new baby and a new life,,, Congratulations…
  7. Congratulations for holding an angel in your arms,,, I am sure your girl is gorgeous like you,,,
  8. I hope you grow in love and grace of God new baby girl,,,
  9. She looks like a little fairy and a brightening star of your parents’ life,,, Welcome to a new gorgeous world.
  10. Congratulations on having a little baby angel girl in your life,,, Wishing the tiny tot good health,,,

Top wishes for new born baby girl
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