Happy birthday wishes for son (Greetings)

Happy Birthday son wishes

Here are some best Happy Birthday wishes for son. Who can be more important than our children? And what day can be more important than their birthdays? There are some beautiful great Happy birthday wishes for son, And also some precious religious birthday wishes for son. thinking back when they first enter into the world helpless and confused. the feeling is amazing when we think how far they have come. So wish them best for that great occasion. And show them that what you feel for them.

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Happy Birthday wishes for son:

Happy Birthday wishes for son

  1. Only a few parents are gifted by a son like you, And I feel proud that I am your Father and you are my son. Happy Birthday.
  2. The day you were born is really a day to celebrate because you make my life worth living. Happy Birthday, son.
  3. I thank God every day that God bless me with a great gift, You! We love you so much, son. Happy Birthday.
  4. Son no matter how old you get you always be our little prince. Happy Birthday.
  5. Thank you for letting us be the best parents, You are such a wonderful boy, Happy Birthday son.
  6. We are so fortunate to have a great son like you. You always a beacon of light in our life son. Happy birthday.
  7. I am so thankful to spend a new year. Happy Birthday, son.
  8. A special message from your parents we are so happy that you are our boy. Happy Birthday, son.
  9. Happy birthday to a son who generates so much great energy in our home because you make fun in our rude life and make it worth living. Love you, my son.
  10. Hey, boy, do you know you change the world when you entered in. The time flies so face and you make this time more adventures. Happy Birthday my son.,,.
  11. Celebrate your day knowing how loved you are today and always, This is a Happy day how lucky we are to call you our own. Happy Birthday, son.

Birthday wishes for Son:

  • My son whenever you found yourself cold and alone Just call me, And my hugs will keep you warm. Because I am always there for you. Happy birthday Son.
  • I wish you feel nothing but everlasting affection and endless support on your birthday. Happy Birthday prince.
  • You are a perfect example of everything that has gone right in my life… Happy birthday prince.
  • You are my joy and inspiration in so many ways…  I love you son. Happy Birthday.
  • Dear son thank you for stealing my heart at the day you were born. Happy Birthday.

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