Easy and best April fool pranks for school

Here are some of the easy and best April fool pranks for school. If you are a teacher then you have to know that April 1rst is not another day. If are no taking advantages of this day you are missing out. There are many funny hilarious and mind-blowing pranks for your students. Just make your fool’s day funny my making you naughty students fool. If you like these pranks bellow and want to share these pranks you can share it by sharing this link (www.wishmebest.com)

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April Fool pranks for School:

Baby Carrots:

Wrapped some baby carrots in Tootsie roll wrapper pass them out to each student for good performance. Check out their expressions when they open it.

April fool pranks for school


Pass out some packets of “doughnut seeds” which are actually cereal bits shaped like doughnuts. Tell your students to plant them in their garden. To grow a crop of their very own doughnuts. This one’s best for the younger crowd.

Doughnut seeds

Donuts Box:

Get a Donuts box and filled it with veggies. Your students mount will fill with water when they saw a donuts box. But when the surprise revealed (they open the box) then there face will be funny.

Donuts prank

Grapes egg: 

Wrap some grapes like chocolate eggs it will certainly take a bit of work to wrap each grape in the colorful foil but it will be worth it as your eager students unwrap them, only to find they’ve been fooled.

Chocolate prank

Elementary school pranks:

TV Remote:

It’s the time to watch another video in the classroom.Just  Switch the TV channel with the Covert Clicker in this school prank. change the channel, mute the TV, Do it randomly every minute or so to avoid the suspicion that someone is controlling the action with a remote.

Bloody rocks:

This one will rock. Make a scene in geology class with ‘bloodied’ foam rocks. You can easily buy some foam rocks from a novelty store. Buy some red food color and mix it up with water, then store it in a tiny bottle that you can carry easily. Dip the foam in the color then through it to your victim. Aim for your victim’s head. Just Imagine the panic when everyone thinks your victim is injured.

Stained coin:

You just use a pencil for this middle school prank. Color in the edge of a coin along the circumference then ask your friend to play a hand to eye coordination game. Say that you bet he or she can not roll the coin from the forehead down to the chin in a straight line. Bet with them that if they can do so reasonably well, you will let him or her keep that coin. At the end of it, you can let your victim keep both the coin and the line on his or her face.

Stained coin

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