Best Wishes for Valentine Cards

In this article we will help you to make a beautiful, pretty and decent Valentine card for your lovely Valentine. Over all in first don’t make your card fully over by writing some poems just write some deep heart poetry. Or some short love quotes. In this article we are giving some best wishes for valentine cards. Hope you like it;
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Best Wishes for Valentine Cards:

For Family:

  • Hope you are feeling loved today. You are!
  • Have fun this Valentine, And don’t eat too much candies.
  • As my friend,,,(MoM),,,Valentine,,,your are the best,,.
  • This day is about love and MoM no one can spread love better than you,,,I Love you.
  • Eating a love chocolate cake in your honor Dad. Its not good as yours,,,Happy Valentines Day Dad,,.
  • You make me laugh,,,, You make me glad we are sisters.

For a child:

  • Happy Valentine’s Day. You little sweat heart.
  • It is lovely having a daughter like you, Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day hope your day is so sweat too.
  • You are so cute hope you get lots of fun today.
  • Wishing a fantastic day to my ( age ) year old Son/Daughter.
  • Hope your day will be as awesome as you are sweat heart. Happy valentine’s Day.
  • May your day  filled with fun and your mouth filled with sweat chocolates as you are. Happy Valentine’s day.

For Girl Friend:

  • Happy Valentine’s day to my gorgeous love.
  • Wishing a gorgeous day to my forever Valentine.
  • I have loved all the days we spend together.
  • Another day is come to make more beautiful memories with you.
  • Some days are so romantic like this. And i want to spend all of them with you.
  • God is great, Because he gave me you as my partner.
  • I will make all days as lovely as Valentine’s day,,,I love you so much.
  • You have no idea how beautiful you are.

Ideas for Valentine Cards:

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