Best prank messages to April fool your friends

April fool massages for friends

There are some best prank ideas to April fool your friend. April fool day also called All fool day. This event is only for making fun and enjoys your day with a great smile. It is a western culture day and celebrated on April 1 every year. It is not a holiday yet in any country. But popular since the 19th century. And now we will discuss how to prank a friend you just have to browse below. Hope you like it suggest to your friends by sharing this link; www.wishmebest.com

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Best prank massages to April fool your friends:

Some of the best massages prank in English. If you are not good at prank someone than you are at right place. We will give you some amazing ideas to prank your friends. Here are some videos some pics and a lots of text messages for you. Hope you will enjoy them.

  • A long time passed away
    only fools want to scan my SMS and today
    The history continues,,,
    April fool you king of fools,,,

April fool

  • Some Facts about you:
    Fact1: you are not a bit
    your every lip together your tongue
    Fact2: once reading this
    99/100 idiots would attempt it.,,,,
    April fool prank massages
  • The latest study has proved that
    All fools using their finger to read messages
    Gotcha” Don’t try to change your finger
    Find another fool,,,,hahaha,

  • You are handsome,
    You are intelligent,
    You are smart,
    And I am spreading these rumors,,,,Hahaha..
    Happy fool’s day you biggest fool.

April fool funny massages

  • Oh you are a CUTE person
    wait a second don’t so misunderstand,
    CUTE mean
    Happy Fool’s Day,,,

April fool prank

  • Are you feeling bored,,
    just don’t be,,,,
    Just open your zip,,
    Put your hand between your zip,,,,
    Take out your
    Book and start study,,,,
    Biggest prank of this year,,,,
    Happy fool’s day.
  • You will be a rose of all trees,,
    you will be a smile on all faces,,,
    you will be a brother
    for all Cute girls,,,,hahaha
  • If you feel stress and
    you are in great tension
    And you seem no one there
    just think about me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I always am there to increase your tension,,,

April fool messages SMS and quotes:

Some April fool messages SMS and Quotes for your friends family members and lover. It is the day to make some fun in a different kind of way you can prank someone by some kind of activities or by massages. It will be a kind of fun for you. There are some SMS for you that you can enjoy at First of April. Hope you will enjoy it. IF you want to suggest your friend you can share these messages you can share these messages by sharing this link (www.wishmebest.com).

April fool prank messages

April fool messages SMS and quotes:

  • Ever in your life, When you wake up and don’t see anyone, than come to me i will hold your hand and take you to the eye special list…???”’
    April Fool to the world’s biggest fool.??
  • 2 Pathan apas me
    1: Tumny April fool banaya
    2: haan
    1: kisky sath
    2: BV ky sath
    humny teen bar talaq bola jab wo rony lagi tu
    hum bola
    April Fool!
    April Fool!??
  • Make fool a friend like you
    Press F13 to your keyboard if you
    Agree with me
    Happy April fool,,,, you fool.
  • Friendship needs nothing
    No promise
    No demands
    It just needs two peoples
    1 fool like you
    1 cool like me.
    Happy April fool day.
  • 31 March or 1 April
    The fool is fool doesn’t matter.
    Happy April fool day to the king of fools.??
  • Last night I got a severe head pain…
    I went the doctor…He said it would be cured
    If I sent an SMS to a foolish person;
    Tell Me;’ whom I know better than you.??
    Happy April fool Day.
  • Any wala kal tumhara hy
    tumhara tha
    tumhara hi rahy ga
    Socho kiyo!!
    Q ky Kal April fool hy ??
    Happy April fool day,,,
  • April fool is the best day to purpose a girl;
    Because if she accepts your luck,,,,,
    But if she refuses than
    April fool!???

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