April fools day origin (All fool’s day)

April fools day origin

April fool’s day is a day of fun and also called All fool’s day. Here are some April fools day origin (All fool’s day). This day celebrated on Aprill 1rst every year by playing some practical jokes. And the victim called April fool. This day is no public holiday in any country.


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April fools day origin:

ORIGINS: As we know it has become a tradition to pull jokes of the harmless variety on those near and dear to us on April 1rst. We scheme and often the yanks are funnier in our imaginings than how they play out in reality but that doesn’t stop us from sending the little kid in us out on a rampage. And Even the most proves among us have been known to throw in a practical joke or two so beware of trusting anyone on April fool’s day.

And how the custom of pranking on April fool’s day remains a mystery.

The western world when employed the Julian calendar years began on March 25 festivals marking the start of the New Year were celebrated on April 1rst. Because March 25 fell during Holy Week the adoption of the Gregorian calendar during the 1500s moved the New Year to January 1.

History about April Fool is very interesting. April Fool day or All fool’s day is popular since the 19th century. Some of the historians believe that this day was first celebrated and famous from France but no one knows for sure. It can be because It may stem from calendar change in the 16th century in France from moving of New year’s day from April 1rst to Jan 1rst so it can be possible. It can be possible that some people continued to celebrate New year on April 1rst as “April Fool” and some started to play tricks on them.

Around the World:

Around the World, it is celebrated in different kind of ways. In France, this day is not called as April Fool day.

In France, April fool is called ‘Poisson d’Avril.’ But the meanings are same.

In France, Children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friend’s back.

April fools day origin

When the fool discovers this joke, The pranksters say ‘Poisson d’Avril’.

In Canada and England Pranks are only played in morning of April 1rst.

In England, a fool is known by different names around the whole country, Including a noodle, gob, Gobby or noddy.

In Scotland, The April Fool is for two days the victims of pranksters are called gowks. Gowks mean (Cuckoo bird). The second day is called as Taily day. And the pranks involving the backside are played.

United Kingdom:

In the UK, April fool joke is revealed by shouting April fool at the recipient. The Folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, In the 1950s, Studied that in the UK and the traditional countries derived from the UK the joking ceased at midday, The person who played a joke after the midday is ‘April fool’ himself.


It was a tradition in Ireland to entrust the victim with an important letter, to be given to a named person. That person then asks the victim to take it to someone else, and so on. When the letter opens it contains the words ‘Send the fool further’.


In Poland, April 1rst is called “prima aprilis” (Latin). Prima aprilis is a day in which many jokes are told. Many hoaxes are prepared by people, media and Eve public institution. Serious activities are usually avoided.

Some of the memorable pranks:


BBC runs a news of spaghetti harvesting in Switzerland.


Sports Illustrated runs a 14-page story by George Plimpton about a Mets pitching phenomenon names Sidd Finch.


The Press Releases for the New York City. The April fool’s day parade (Non-Existent) which have been issued every year since 1986.


In 1996 Taco Bell Corp shows a full page add in several newspapers claiming it has purchased the liberty bell and rename it ” Taco Liberty Bell”.


The Nation public radio show ‘All things considered’ runs a story about the post offices. Based on people being able to keep their phone number even if they moved. The program was designed to represent a citizen’s place in the demographic rather than geographic, Landscape.


The BBC runs a video of flying penguins as apart of a story for its series ‘Miracles of Evolution’.


The NRSC (National Republic Senatorial Committee) released a parody web video celebrating President Obama as ‘Truly the greatest president ever’and that he has ‘Kept all his promises’.

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