April Fools Day Easter Facts and History

April fool Easter

Here in this article, you will learn April Fools Day Easter Facts and History. As you might know. Preachers, Often begin their sermons with jokes. These jokes are like ornaments ( Jewelry ), Brightening up a somber sermon ( Sombrid Worship ). They usually do not have a deeper purpose.
First, the Ash Wednesday falls on St. Valentine’s day. Now, Easter comes on April Fool’s day 2018 is the weirdest year happens in Catholics.

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April fools day easter

April Fools Day Easter:


April fools day Easter, It is very rare, The last time Easter happens on April fools day was in 1956. Due to the rates involved in Easter dating against the George calendar, both meet only the break. April fools day Easter next come in 2029 and then again in 2040. But after this, it will not happens again in this century. In Christianity, April fool is not significant, But it is a perfect excuse to talk about jokes in the Bible.

Facts about April fools day Easter:

Have you ever wondered Easter doesn’t have a set date such as Chrismas held on Dec.25, Valentine’s day on Feb.14 and April fools day on 1rst April? 


The Short answer is because Easter date is dependant on Solar and lunar cycle. As you know Easter generally falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the March equinox”equal night”, And it Occurs when the length of day and night are nearly equal in the entire world. Because the earth axis is rather perpendicular to the sun and not lifted either towards or away from the sun.

Mars and Erth significant

The March is also significant because it marks the official first day of spring.

Easter eggs

It is also important as it relates to Easter because early Christians wants Easter to fall after ornaments holiday of Passover.

April Fools day Easter

This year that’s right, when the Easter Bunny drops off baskets full of chocolate eggs and Peeps, he might also play a few pranks on you.

April fools day origin (All fool's day)
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