April Fool Pranks For Girlfriend Ideas

Engagement ring prank

Here are some best April Fool Pranks For Girlfriend Ideas. April fool’s day is the day to prank your dear ones, including you girlfriends. A good prank has to be playful, surprising and silly too. It should make the victim laugh and a little scare. You can prank your girlfriend at her home. It will be the best way to prank her.If you like these pranks and want to share them with your friends you can share it by sharing this link (www.wishmebest.com)


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April Fool Pranks For Girlfriend Ideas:

April fool prank ideas for girlfriend

Polish her soap with Nail polish:

Polish your girlfriend’s soap bar with nail polish before she went to bath.
Bug Lamp:

Cut a piece of paper in the shape of a roach, and place it inside the lamp shade and its face should be on the front wall. When she turned on the lamp,,, Damn. It is Scary.

Pretend you crashed her car: 

Come in the upset face carrying a fake handle and tell her the important thing is that you are okay…


Change her mobile ringtone with something obnoxious. Call her when she was in her special community or when in public.


Tell you have cheated her and you do have something with her best friend.
(warning) Your girlfriends have to be a cool minded girl…

Engagement ring:

Tell her you have lost your engagement ring.

April Fool Pranks For Girlfriend

Make a Disgusting meal for her:

Make a surprising meal for her and show her that it is very delicious. See her face when she tastes it.

Contact Number:

Change your contact name from her phone to “MOM”. And prank her by messaging her. Like “she is not the real baby she was adopted”. And Enjoy by watching her face.

Parking ticket:

Give her a fake parking ticket use a real parking ticket as a template and replace it with her name. Give it back to her by mail her.

Fire her:

Get her boss to pretend to fire her.


squeeze out her toothpaste and put mayonnaise in it. And watch her brushing her tooth my mayonnaise.


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