April fool prank for boyfriend through text

April fool pranks

Here are some April fool pranks for boyfriend through text. The best way to prank someone is by messages because it is the cheapest way but the results are amazing. And if you are searching for amazing April fool messages than you can stop your search here. April Fool is almost here !girls! Are you ready to figure out which friend’s plea for help is fake and which friend’s plea is real? The best person to prank would definitely be your boyfriend because the cuties trust us enough to not doubt us even on this day because they always forget all special days and events. So let’s have some fun going in your relationship and try out any of our April fool pranks for boyfriend through text. If you like pranks and wanna share them with your friends you can share them by sharing this link (www.wishmebest.com)

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April fool prank SMS for Boyfriend:

Nude pics:

Send him a naughty text message asking if he would like to see some sexy nude pictures. When he says yes, which he says obviously because men are men, send him tons of lipstick shades,,, in NUDE.

April fool pranks for boyfriend through text

You can make it up to him by actually sending some later. !Winky!

At the DOOR:

Tell him you are outside his house to surprise him. When he gets out or down text him “April Fool”. For enjoying more hide around for a while and see the reaction of his face after reading your text.

His EX:

Tell him his EX-called you, Because men are always worried about their present girlfriend meeting their ex-girlfriend. They don’t want the complaints to get worse now tell him a lie about how his ex-girlfriend called you and told you she wants to meet you. Then witness his confused reaction though, do break it to him by saying “April fool” before he goes to texts his ex.


Add extra salt in a dish and tell him you especially cooked it for him and when he tastes it asks him emotionally  if he likes it, And if he says yes then give him some more when he starts making faces than yell “April fool”

Curious Mother:

Text him with a different number pretending to be your Mother. Ask him about his future plan about you and frequently ask uncomfortable questions. Just trust me “curious mother” will freak your boyfriend like no other prank.

Glitter Bomb:

Make a glitter bomb envelop and send him and tell him you have put in a sweet note inside. Only when he opens it, he will be bombarded with glitter Make sure you put in tons of it so it doesn’t come off easily and your prank will be loose.

If you don’t know how to make glitter bomb check out this video. 

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