30+ Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes

In this article we have 30+ Islamic Quotes. These Islamic quotes are priceless because most of them are well sayings of Great Great Sahaba Karaams, And some are life’s reality. Islam is a beautiful religion and we have to learn these quotes to motivate ourselves. All the Muslims Love Allah and there faith religion Islam. These quotes also help us in ups and down of our lives and stable us in all kind of turns in our life. Every Muslim want to share Islamic quotes to others because every Muslim love them.

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Islamic Quotes:

  1. It is only Allah who can make Impossible to possible so pray to Allah for all you life’s impossibilities.
  2. “It is difficult to be patient but to waste the reward of patience is worse,,,”¬† Hazarat-Abu-Bakar-Siddique (R.A) .
  3. “Don’t be fooled by the one who recites the Quran, His recitation is but speech. But look to those who act according it.” Hazarat Umar Ibn-E-Khattab (R.A).
  4. “This is your world that you strive to gain, And that you cry over” Hazarat Umar Ibn-E-Khattab (R.A).
  5. “Patience is a pillar of Faith” Hazarat Umar Ibn-E-Khattab (R.A).
  6. “Stick to the truth even if the truth kills you” Hazarat Umar Ibn-E-Khattab (R.A).
  7. Your charity will not be accepted until you believe. “I need the reward more than the beggar needs the money” Hazarat Usman ibn-E-Affan (R.A).
  8. “Worrying about the world is a darkness in the heart, While worrying about the hereafter is a light in the heart” Hazarat Usman Ibn-E-Affan (R.A).
  9. “People are paying no attention to the best act of worship’Humility'” Hazarat Ayesha Bint-E-Abu-Bakar (R.A).
  10. “Many Skin colors One Ummah, No Racism in Islam. We all are brothers and sisters in Islam.” ( Hadith and Fact ).

Islamic Quotes Urdu:

  1. Sabar aik aisi sawari hy jo apny sawaar ko kabhi girny nahi deti,
    Na kissi ky kaddamon me
    Na kissi ki Nazaron me.
  2. Zindagi se itna piyar na karo
    ye kissi se waffa nai karti
    Moat ko kabhi mat bhoolo
    Ye kissi ko dhooka nahi deti.
  3. Mushkil waqt me dosron ky kaam aya karo,
    Kiyo ky Mushkil waqt sab pr aata hy,
    Kissi ka sabar dekhny ky liye kissi ka Zarff!
  4. Aik ghaibi Assool ye bhi hy ky,
    Jo taqseem karo gy ussi ki tumhare pass farawani ho jaye gi,
    Phir wo doalat ho, Ilm ho, Mohabbat ho ya Aasaniyan.
  5. Jo doosron ko izzat deta hy,
    Assal me wo khud ko izzatdar hota hy,
    kiyo ky insan doosron ko wohi kuch deta hy,
    Jo usky paas hota hy.
  6. Doalat aur uhde Insan ko Aarzi toor par bada karty hain,
    Lekin in saniyat aur acha ikhlak Insan ko hummesha Buland Darje par rakhta hy.
  7. Niyat kitni bhi achi ho Duniya tum ko tumhare Dikhawe se jaanti hy,
    Dikhawa jitna bhi acha kiyo na ho Allah tum ko tumhari niyat se jaanta hy.
  8. Agar Allah ny tum se wo liya jisse tum khonny ka tassawur bhi nahi kar sakty,
    Tu yaqeenan,
    Allah kuch esa bhi dega jisse pany ga tumny soocha bhi nahi hoga.
  9. Jo shakhs ye samajhta hy ky jo Allah karta hy,
    Wo hummary liye behtar hy,
    Wo kamal ka Emaan rakhta hy.
  10. Jo Allah ky Diye howe Rizq ko kaafi samjhy,
    Wo zindagi me kabhi kissi a Muhtaaj nahi hota.

Hazrat Ali (R.A):

  1. The tongue is like a Lion
    if you let it loose,
    It will wound Someone.
    (Hazrat Ali Ibn-E-Talib) (R.A)
  2. It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than
    to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  3. Forgiveness is Best revenge ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  4. Anger is like a ball of fire,
    If you swallow it, it is sweeter than honey.
  5. Conquer your lustful desires and your wisdom will be perfected ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  6. Do not be a slave to others,
    when Allah has created you free.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  7. Let go of anything that brings you,
    Stress and sorrow.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  8. Be like the flower that gives its fragrance,
    Even to the hands that crushes it.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  9. Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart,
    More than to live amongst people
    who can’t understand it.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).
  10. Do not disappoint the one,
    Hope lies in you.
    ( Hazrat Ali (R.A) ).


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