20+ Good Night Wishes For Him

Good Night Wishes

Here are 20+ Good Night Wishes For Him. Send romantic and best Good Night Wishes to your someone special. It is not necessary that a special is you “Lover” it can be your friend, father, brother, husband these are also some special characters in your life. We are giving you some special wishes for everyone. Because it will give you one-click access to all kind of wishes. There is something great about getting a text before you go to sleep, It can put a smile on your face and can make you feel better, Happy and great inside. If you like these wishes and want to share these wishes with your friends than you can share by sharing this link ( www.wishmebest.com ).


Good Night Wishes For Him

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Good Night Wishes For Him:

  1. Man of my dreams, Good Night! I will see you there…,,,
  2. I think you are going to think about me before getting asleep, And I also missing you as I drift off to sleep… Good Night…,,!!!
  3. I want to tell you I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you, Love you, Goodnight My sweet Heart ( Husband ).
  4. You are the sweet thing gift from God, Love you! Good Night.
  5. My heart is for you and only for you, Sweet Dreams Good Night,,,!!
  6. Every day you are giving me more reason to fall in love with you, And every passing day my love for you is acceding… Love you Good Night,,,!!
  7. You mean everything for me, I can’t imagine living without you, I love you! Good Night,,,
  8. As I see the moon above, I remember the moments together, The love you gave me I just can’t forget, Good Night…!!
  9. Good night my love, I am getting ready to come in your dream,,, Love you.
  10. I am the luckiest girl in the world, Not because I have you because I have your love,,, Good Night Sweetie.

Good Night Wishes for Him ( Husband ):

Good Night wishes for husband, Sometimes the husband cannot be with you, then you can wish him some romantic and precious wishes to show him that you are missing him….and you care for him.

  1. Nights can be dark but my dreams can’t be dark because you are there every night…Good Night.
  2. Every Night I thanks a person that marry me and makes me complete and brighten my future.,, Good Night my Sweetie Husband.
  3. My all problems get away since I came into your arms in the night,,, Good Night Darling.
  4. Good Night to the man who is my soul-mate and my everything,,,, Love you,.
  5. After you I don’t need anything more in my life because you complete it..,,,, I love you,,, Good Night!
  6. Good to the man who makes my life dull to vibrant, sad to happy and incomplete to complete…Love you my love…
  7. I always wish that the dream you see every night should as cute as you are… Good Night…
  8. Thank you for fulfilling my life with happiness I always glad that I have you in my life…Good Night…My Sweet Hubby…
  9. Every night I see one thing that I will be in your arms tomorrow. Good Night.
  10. I feel a great peace when you hug me I cuddle up with you, All my worries getaway when you touch me…Good Night.

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