20+ Good Night Wishes For Her

Good Night wishes for her

Here are 20+ Good Night Wishes For Her. Here we are giving you some beautiful, Careful, Lovely and precious wishes for your special (Her). She can be Wife or girlfriend. Being a husband it is our responsibility to make our wife happy forever. Sometimes we are far away from our home so, there is only one thing which can make them happy is your message or a call. But nothing can be special and easy than a Good Night Message. And it also shows your care for her…..

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Good Night Wishes for her

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Good Night Wishes For Her:

  1. I don’t care about nightmares because thinking about you makes my dreams very sweet… Good Night…
  2. The thing I can’t explain in my life is thinking about you…Love you, sweetie, Good Night.
  3. Whenever I lie on my bed without you and see brighten stars I always start thinking about the brighten star in my life,,, Good Night my star.
  4. I wish my heart would be a paper so that it could sleep in your arms. Love you Good Night.
  5. I wish you will always be happy and take sweet dreams with me…Good night.
  6. I want to say you are my light in the dark, you are good in all my bad,,, you are my all good thoughts,,, Good Night..Sweetie.
  7. I don’t need anything more in my life because I have you,,, Good Night,,,
  8. Fall down on your bed thinking about me,,, You will find me in your dreams,,, Good Night.
  9. Stars are shining outside and it is the time when I should say you,, Good Night,,,
  10. I am the Policeman for your nightmares I will arrest all your nightmares and will come to join you in your dream Good Night,,, And Find Me In Your Dreams.

Good Night Wishes for Her ( Wife ):

  1. My dear Wife, As you come in my life my life is changed you make my life perfect, Happy And Complete,, Thank you make such a good partner,,, Good Night.,.,.,.
  2. Dearest wife,,, Your Love makes my life shine like a star shine the dark sky,,, Good Night my sweetheart…
  3. I hope you have a peaceful night with a lovely dream of our lovely moments..,,, Good night..,,
  4. Darling don’t worry that I am not with you today, But always remember I will always there for you In your dreams every night…No matter what happens Don’t think I am not with you,,, Good Night,,
  5. I wish to be with you this lovely night, And want to hold you tight,,,, Instead of saying Good Night,,, Love you.
  6. Can’t wait to be in your hands again,,, My love,,, Good Night.
  7. After marry you I realize that how much my life is beautiful you complete me,,, Good Night,,, Sweet Dreams.
  8. Only you live in my heart,,, Because my Heart beats only for you,,, Good Night,,, Sweetie pie.
  9. Hope that you had a wonderful day,,, Now sleep tight to have wonderful dreams,,, Good Night.
  10. I love all stars in the sky,,, Because they make me think about you,,, because you fill my emptiness as they fill sky’s,,,, Good Night,,, Love you.
  11. Every night I love to coming back home Because Coming back home is being in your arms,,,, Good Night,,.


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