20+ April fool pranks

April fool pranks

Here in this article, we will have some fun, Because in this article we will give you 20+ April fool pranks you can make fun with. April fool is a western event and celebrated on April 1 every year. It is not a holiday in any country yet. But popular since the 19th century. You just have to browse down and do it for fun. If you these ideas and want to some of your friends you can share by sharing this link: (www.wishmebest.com)

Here, Bellow is another article for you to April fool your friends must check. Because messages are the best way to tell anyone about anything so in this link, you will get messages to fool anyone. By massages, you can celebrate this day better because by a message you can make fool not only your friends, your parents and your family member too. So try it and make fun…:

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Best prank messages to April fool your friends

April fool Pranks:

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Make your lamp an insect lamp:

April fool pranks

Put Jelly beans in Ice dispenser :

April fool

Put some funny eyes on all food in your refrigerator:

April fool pranks

Replace wall protector with an Air Horn,,,,


Attach an Air Horn to their seats:

April fool pranks

Delight there taste with caramel onions:

April fool day pranks

Change yourself into a car seat and watch people’s reaction:

April fool

Make mentos ice bombs for them who loves ice soda:

April fool pranks

Make a horror Carpet :

Pranks for april fool

Paint soap with nail polish and leave it in the shower:

Funny pranks for April fool

Infest rats in their office:

Office prank

Change their handwash with some special lubricant:

Funny april fool prank

Make their Oreos special:


( make sure the toothpaste is edible ):

Show them some mayonnaise filled Donuts:

funny april fool office pranks 22

Serve them with delicious jelly on their desk:

April fool prank

Show them A new office type:

April fool pranks

Give them a morning newspaper:

Office prank

Occupied Bathroom:

Bathroom Pranks

Cover their car with cotton ( Dip cotton balls in water and leave them to freeze ):


Interesting Facts about April fool's day ( All fool's day)
Best prank messages to April fool your friends
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